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residential plumbing

residential plumbing
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About Us

We’ve been providing reliable plumbing services in Ventura, CA, since 1987 for both residential and commercial properties.
You can have peace of mind knowing our fully trained experts provide you with extensive plumbing solutions, from hydro jetting to trenchless sewer repair and more. Schedule your service today.

Mission Statement

To provide quality and value in our services for the customer.

To provide security and growth for our employees.

Vision Statement

Hansen’s Philosophy: Maintaining balanced value

Maintaining balanced value for customer, employee and company. Providing services and options for protecting our customers investments.

To provide value in our services for the customer. To provide security and growth for our team.

Maintaining a balanced value requires diligence. Utilizing the knowledge and experiences of our entire team for decisions and communication throughout the company. We implement the following considerations:

1. Customer Service
Create value for the customer by having well trained technicians with the highest quality, equipment and material. Respecting their property while improving existing systems and providing options for maintaining systems and preventing future expensive failures.

2. Employee Security
Having a company with structure and the commitment to longevity. Providing a platform for career with growth potential within the company. Offering a compensation package what will reduce turnover and maintain a productive team culture.

3. Company Security
Implementing an ongoing business plan. Keeping up with new business practices. Consistently monitoring progress and maintaining a high level of awareness for future economic influences as well as providing diversity.

4. Community Impact
Providing employment. Supporting local programs, i.e. sports, homeless, church etc.

5. Environmental Impact
Recycling material. Using sustainable equipment and materials.

6. National Impact
We install, repair and build per our plumbing codes. Plumbers are responsible for the health of our nation.

Meet The Team

Hansen’s Plumbing Ventura knows that homeowners today have high standards. There are a lot of plumbing contactors in Oxnard, and homeowners have plenty of ways in which to gather information on those contractors. To succeed in this business, a company has to set itself apart from the pack. That is what we’ve done since we first built our business on a foundation of trust, reliability, and skill.

No matter what type of plumbing service in Ojai you may require, you can rest assured in knowing that it will be done properly by the professionals on our team. All Hansen’s Plumbers have extensive plumbing experience. When you invite a member of our team into your home, you can trust that individual with the service at hand and to respect you and your home.

Owner Cary Hansen plumbing ventura ca

Cary Hansen

Manager Taylor Hansen plumbing ventura ca

Taylor Hansen

Office Manager Josh Rodesky hansen plumbing ventura ca

Josh Rodesky

Office Manager
Techinician Josiah Cagan hansen plumbing ventura ca

Josiah Cagan

Technician Michael Davis hansen plumbing ventura ca

Michael Davis

Technician Nicholas Garside hansen plumbing ventura ca

Nick Garside

Techinician Damen Baldonado hansen plumbing ventura ca

Damen Baldonado

Helper Avery Brooke plumbing service company ventura

Avery Brooke

Helper Jason Warfield hansen plumbing ventura ca 1

Jason Warfield

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