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3 Reasons Why Drain Cleaning is Important

drain cleaning

Do you hear that? It’s probably the sound of your shower or bathtub slowly filling up with disgusting, smelly water. That’s right — we’re talking about your home’s drain. The lowly drain might not seem like a big deal at first. Most of us don’t really think about it until it starts to give off some pretty nasty odors. But those aren’t the only reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the drain in your home: Even if you have a very small bathroom, cleaning and maintaining the drain is extremely important for preventing an awful mess and an even worse smell. If left neglected, a clogged or dirty drain can lead to some pretty gross consequences…

1. Dirty Drains Can Lead to Bigger Repairs

You might not think that a dirty drain is a big deal. After all, it’s just a drain. It’s not like it’s a critical part of your home, right? Wrong. A dirty drain can lead to a much bigger drain repair service if you don’t clean it out. Let’s say your main one gets clogged up and starts to back up. If the clog isn’t removed, the water can travel back through the pipe and cause some major damage. It can corrode the pipe, rust it out, and even cause the pipe to collapse. 

2. Possibility of Flooding

The first reason why you shouldn’t ignore the drain is that clogged drains can cause major flooding inside your own home. If the drain gets clogged, it will start to back up and fill up the pipe. For instance, if you have a tub, shower, or sink in your bathroom, you’re likely to experience a clog at some point. If the clog isn’t removed, the water can flow back into the pipe and travel back to your home’s main drain. Once it reaches the main drain, it will flow out of your home, your furniture, and appliances, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

3. Smelly Drains Can Cause Respiratory Issues

Another reason why you shouldn’t ignore smelly drains is that they can cause respiratory issues. If you have a clogged or dirty drain, it can start to grow mold and bacteria. That bacteria can then start to spread and collect in your bathroom. That’s when things start to get bad. When the bacteria and mold reach a certain level, it can start to emit toxic fumes. Those fumes can then spread throughout your home and cause breathing problems, headaches, and dizziness for you and your family members – those with asthma and allergies are at greater risk.


Do you have an issue with your sink or bathtub? If you do, then it’s time you take action, especially for drain cleaning in Ventura. Ignoring the problem won’t help and will only make things worse. There are more than 3 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the drain. For one, it can cause major health issues. A clogged drain can also cause major damage to your home. It can even cause infections if left untreated.

If you want to prevent all of these things, you need to do effective drain cleaning and drain maintenance on a regular basis. You also need to make sure that you clean out the main one at least once a year. Do not ignore the problem any longer and get that drain fixed as soon as possible. Contact the best drain repair services in Ventura near you!

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