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Do You Need a Water Line Replacement?

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Most homes get their water from a single water line, and then it’s sent throughout the house via a series of pipes. Water line replacement is something no homeowner wants to hear. They fear days of giant machines in their yard, digging up grass and a giant bill that gives them the shivers just thinking about it. You don’t have to fear water line replacement with us.

Signs Your Water Line Needs a Service Call:

When the primary water line to your home needs repair, there are signs. You may notice a decrease in water pressure because the water is leaking out of the line. There can be discoloration caused by rust in the pipe. Perhaps the most obvious sign is a puddle in your yard that will not go away. This means the water is exiting the pipe and coming to the surface. If you have any of these signs, then it’s time to call Hansen’s.

Finding the Water Line Leak:

Before any work can be done, we need to find the exact location of the leak. We blend ultrasonic listening devices along with line locating equipment to verify where the leak is happening. It could be that the pipe is old and broken or tree roots have grown considerablely; pushing it and causing significant failure. It’s the modern method of plumbing leak detection.

There are many reasons why a water line can break and leak, but once it does, it has to be fixed. Water is lost before entering the home, but you’re still paying for it. Fixing the problem will end up saving you money in the long run. The problem is only going to get worse, and the small puddle that developed in your yard will get bigger and bigger as time goes on.

May Not Require Digging:

The one thing homeowners fear above all else when it comes to water line repairs is digging up the yard. The leak could be located over landscaping, decks, or gardens. Trenchless repair techniques allow us to take care of the problem without causing a backyard catastrophe. You get the repair you need and none of the digging.

Let us get your life back to normal and facilitate your water line repair.

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