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When you’ve been plumbing experts as long as us, you start hearing the same questions from customers. There are many common problems and issues that affect people every day and they naturally give rise to plumbing questions. Here is a list of some of the most common questions we receive.

Why Do My Drains Get Clogged?

In an ideal world, the only thing to go down your drain is water, but all too often food particles, grease, and hair go down as well. These can get stuck in the pipe and eventually cause a clog. Alternatively, if your drainage pipe breaks, dirt can fall into it and create a clog. One of the most common causes of this kind of outside-the-home clog is a tree root that has grown through the pipe.

How Can I Keep My Pipes from Leaking?

The first line of defense is vigilance. Routinely inspect your pipes and look for areas where rust or lime is forming. Leaks most often start where two pipes connect, so keep an extra close eye on these areas. If you see these deposits, then contact a plumber to take care of it. Leaky pipes can damage floors, walls, and anything else around them if they go unchecked.

Why Should I Care If My Toilet Runs?

A running toilet is a common problem that many people just ignore. Even if it’s not causing you any outward problems, it’s still costing you money. A running toilet can cost you up to an extra hundred dollars a year in water costs! Fortunately, the fix is usually pretty simple and can be done by you at home for as little as $10. Why spend an extra $100 a year when a $10 fix can stop it?

How Can I Keep My Garbage Disposal from Smelling?

When you routinely put food into the garbage disposal, some of that food can get stuck in the disposal area and begin to rot. If you smell a rotten smell coming from your sink, then cut up a lemon, lime, or other citrus fruit, and put the pieces into the disposal. They’ll help clean the disposal and leave a lemon fresh scent. The last thing you want is a disposal repair because of rotten food. Alternatively, just the peels are still helpful if you’d rather eat the meat of the fruit.

Why Do I Run Out of Hot Water?

Is there anything worse than getting shot with cold water in the middle of a shower? Many people ask us why they run out of how water so quickly. It could be you’re simply using more hot water than your current water heater tank can supply. In that case, consider a larger tank or a tankless water heater. If nothing about your daily routine has changed, and there are no additional people in the house, however, it could also be a problem with the water heater or a leak in the hot water lines in your home. In that case, you should definitely call a plumber.

If you have any more questions about plumbing, let us know and we’ll provide our best answer.

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