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Happy Thanksfixing and Merry Fixmas: Reliable Plumbing For The Holidays

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The holidays are stressful enough with school plays, church outings, and the countless number of people visiting your house for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas. You need to have reliable plumbing throughout the season or else your dream holiday could become a nightmare.

Why Think About Plumbing Service Now?

You may not think so, but you’re using much more water during the holidays than you realize. There are extra dishes that need to be washed, more showers because of all the events, and don’t forget about how many times Uncle Buck’s going to be using your bathroom!

Now is the perfect time to get all those small problems you’ve been procrastinating fixed and make sure everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

Watch Out for These Holiday-Ruining Problems:

Have you noticed your drains aren’t draining as fast as they should be or your toilet bowl not flushing as fast? This may be a minor inconvenience now, but when your house is full of people, it could be a disaster. Slow drains are likely caused by minor clogs that reliable plumbers can take care of with ease. They may also notice other issues that you’re not even aware of, such as leaks or other plumbing problems.

When Uncle Buck clears out the turkey dinner, the last thing you want is him running out of the bathroom screaming because the toilet overflowed, or seeing the sink overflowing with dishes that need to be washed.

Use Only Licensed Plumbers:

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, including plumbers, so you might be tempted to hire the first one with an opening to visit your home, but be wary; only open your home to licensed plumbers like Hansen’s, because we are certified and have proof that we are experts in our field.

You run into many risks when an unlicensed plumber enters your home, including shoddy work and untrustworthy business practices. You could wind up with a problem that is worse than when it started or be overcharged for basic plumbing services. Let Hansen’s make sure your holiday plans go like they’re supposed to, by celebrating Thanksfixing and Fixmas worry-free!

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