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Ventura Faucet Repair and Other Fixture Issues

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It’s frustrating when we go to the bathroom and discover the faucet’s leaking or there’s water all over the floor from the toilet. Lavatory faucet repair Ventura can be difficult and may end up making the problem worse if not done correctly. Your household fixtures may seem simple, but be careful of these common fixture problems.

Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets:

It doesn’t matter if you got a top of the line faucet or something off the bargain bin, eventually, problems arise. Faucets are made up of several parts and any one of them can cause a problem. You could have a leaky faucet, water coming from the hot or cold water valves, low water pressure, or many more.


We’ve seen nightmarish toilet problems in our years servicing the community, from toilets overflowing with sewage that fills the bathroom floor, to toilets that never stop running, not to mention clogs that refuse to clear. The list goes on and on. Some of these problems can easily be solved by you, such as plunging out a stubborn clog or replacing a ballcock to stop a running toilet. If the clog refuses to budge or it’s just too much for you to handle, then call us.

The Garbage Disposal:

The garbage disposal is one of those machines that’s scary to try and fix yourself. We’ve all seen those horror movies where someone loses a wedding ring or tries to stick their hand down to fix it and…well…we all know how that ends. It’s easy over time for garbage disposals to get clogged, smell bad, or stop working. It’s a machine, and as such it occasionally needs repair. Keep all of your fingers and contact our licensed team if something goes wrong with your garbage disposal.

Most likely you spent quite a bit of money on your fixtures, so let us handle the faucet repair in Ventura to make sure they come through the process unscathed.

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