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Oxnard Clogged Drains

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Having a plumbing issue is the last thing anyone needs, especially in the summer season. Encountering Oxnard clogged drains before you head off to the beach or host a summer BBQ can put a damper on your summer plans. Hansen’s plumbing is here to take the stress out of Oxnard Clogged drains and get you back to enjoying your summer. Before you get stressed out by Oxnard Clogged drains, we’ve listed out some simple steps that can fix your plumbing issues.

Here’s how you can use a snake to fix your plumbing problems.
First let’s define what we mean by a “snake.” In the plumbing industry, a snake is also called a drain auger. This long, bendable metal coil can either be used manually or it comes in a power version.

Step 1

When faced with Oxnard clogged drains, your first offense is a good plunger. Creating a good vacuum and then forcing air into it with a plunger, is often all you need to do the trick. However, every once is a while tough Oxnard clogged drains won’t release with just a plunging action.

Step 2

This is where the plumber’s snake slithers in. The snake, which is usually about 1/4 inch think, is made to extend down into the drain to reach the root of the clog and push it forward. Plumbing experts at Hansen’s Plumbing, have special drain augers that are powerful enough to grapple with stubborn stuck Oxnard clogged drains. Homeowners can get their hands on plastic models that are capable of getting rid of difficult hair clogs, but aren’t strong enough to crack piping if used too forcefully. It’s important when using a plumbing snake to have a bucket on hand to collect the cause of the clog. It’s also advisable to wear protective goggles especially if you’ve already poured a chemical drain cleaner down the pipe.

Step 3

To use the snake, slowly feed the snake down into the drain and use the crank to move it deeper. As the snake meets the clog the rotation of the coil will help to break up the clog and also entangle it in the coil so you can pull it out with the snake.

Step 4

Detach the debris from the coil and run the faucet or flush the toilet to make sure the drain is completely clear.
If you’ve struggled to clear a clog, and your snake is coiled up hissing in the corner, it’s time to call Hansen’s Plumbing. Sometimes a homeowner can do more damage to their plumbing by underestimating a clog or forcing a clog deeper into the drain.
Our Len The Plumber experts have professional-grade augers that can powerfully clear a clog that a common snake won’t touch.
Occasionally, a clog comes with some pipe issues that require advanced tools. If that is happening at your home, you need the expertise and experience of a company who has the advanced tools to diagnose the problem and get the job done. The Len The Plumber team can accurately diagnose your plumbing problem with a video pipe inspection. Call Hansen’s Plumbing for all your plumbing needs in Oxnard.

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