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residential plumbing

residential plumbing
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Do you feel like you’re drowning in house repairs? If so, it’s time to put Hansen’s Plumbing services to the test! You don’t know what you don’t know, right? You constantly hear about plumbing services, but do you really know what services are being offered? We recognize that things fall apart, but we are here to put them back together and flush away any problems. Is your garbage disposal acting up? Are you experiencing a toilet issue or a leaking faucet?

Our skilled team has solved a multitude of services big and small 24/7:

Has your Pressure Regulator failed?

Failed piping or supply lines might not be covered under your homeowners insurance if your pressure regulator is not functioning correctly and you have a pipe failure. We install or repair any issues to prevent any future negative effects on the operation of your water supply.

Water Heater

Whether you are in the midst of the heat or caught in the snow, it is important to keep your water heater serviced. We will flush out the mineral buildup and replace the anode rod that protects your tank. Hansen’s will provide you with expertise on the correct size and type of water heater to fit your every need.

Backflow Testing and Repair

We also offer backflow test and repair.

Smoke Test

Better safe than sorry! We perform smoke testing to identify any failures in your waste and vent system to prevent any sewer gas or waste from going into your home.

Sewer Video

With video line inspections, we educate you on what’s inside your lines and where to prevent future damage. We can identify any failures in your sewer and have also found toys and jewelry among other things.

Hydro Jet

When cable machine cleaning is not enough, we rely on our hydro jet drain cleaning, which uses high pressure water into a drain to eliminate debris, clear tree roots and clean drain walls.

We know it can be draining to deal with recurring plumbing inconveniences, but Hansen’s is licensed, insured and bonded and ensure best practices in all that we do for our clients.

Listen friends, your home is perfect just the way it is. Hansen’s Plumbing is here to help keep it that way. Unless you want a change… then we remodel too. ☺

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