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Santa Paula Drain Cleaning

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Drain clogs and wastewater backups will bring your plumbing system to a halt. Whenever it’s time for Santa Paula drain cleaning service, you need a local plumber you can trust—you need the experts at Hansen’s Plumbing!

When you contact us for Santa Paula drain cleaning services, here’s what you can expect during the service and what you can do to prepare it.

What Happens During a Drain Cleaning Service Call

Ask some questions. To get more background on the history of your home and your plumbing system, we’ll ask a series of questions. These include whether or not you’ve had drain or plumbing problems before and, if so, what those were.
Set a clear agenda for the service upfront: We do this so that you fully understand the diagnostic process, the drain cleaning service, and the camera inspection.
Perform diagnostics. We’ll test your plumbing fixtures and inspect the location of any backups. This step helps us decide what equipment is best suited for the job at hand.
Set up for service. After establishing clear access to the service area, we’ll put down drop cloths to protect your home.
Run the drain cleaning machine: This is when the cleaning happens! With our machine, the sewer line will be cleared of holding sewage. If, however, we believe the clog is outside or the line cannot be cleared, we’ll recommend an immediate camera inspection to determine the severity of the problem.
Test your fixture. Once the sewage has drained out of the sewer line, we will run several fixtures simultaneously to test flow.
Conduct a final camera inspection. After cleaning your drains and clearing your sewer line, we’ll do a camera inspection to identify the cause of the clog. This may uncover damaged or broken sewer lines, in which case our plumber would recommend sewer line repair or replacement (so you don’t continue to experience drain and sewer line problems).

The average drain cleaning service takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete.

If, during your Santa Paula drain cleaning service, we discover sewer line damage that requires excavation and replacement, we’ll work with you to schedule the sewer line replacement service.

Prepare for Drain Cleaning Service

Before a plumber comes to your home to clean your drains, here’s what you can do to prepare so that the service goes as smoothly as possible:

Make sure there is a clear path from the front door to the access point: This path needs to be at least 3 feet wide to allow room for our drain cleaning equipment.
Remove items around the affected fixtures and access point: The plumber will need easy access to these, so remove personal items from these areas. For example, you’ll want to clear out items under sinks that are having backups.

Remove sewage waste. If there are several inches of sewage in the work area, contact a remediation company to have it removed before your plumber arrives. The plumber may not be able to diagnose and fix the problems if the access point is buried in sewage.
Be aware that drain cleaning may not be a permanent solution: In fact, if you have a damaged pipe or your sewer system gets heavy use, drain cleaning will not be a permanent solution. Defects that impact the flow of sewage are progressive, and they will eventually lead to complete sewer system failure. Similarly, continuous abuse of sewer systems will cause continuous backups, and it may even contribute to pipe damage and defects.

Schedule Santa Paula Darin Cleaning Service Now: Contact Hansen’s Plumbing

The experienced Ventura plumber at Hansen’s Plumbing are ready to provide fast, efficient drain cleaning service in Santa Paula. Whether you’re dealing with your first major clog or you keep having sewer line backups, we’re the team you can always count on!

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