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The sewer line is one of the essential parts of your home’s plumbing since it is the pipe that removes the collected wastewater from your home and carries it to the main sewer in the center of the street. Because of all the waste that may pass through it, it would require some regular sewer line cleaning. Although you probably don’t think much about your sewer line daily as long as it does its job unobtrusively and hidden from sight.

But a time may come when you will need to give your sewer line cleaning in order to keep it working effectively. Sewer pipes can become clogged and congested, often with excessive levels of fat and grease. When this happens, a sewer line will need professional cleaning. We’ve listed some of the signs you should watch for that will warn you the time has come to arrange for sewer cleaning in Covina, CA. To arrange for this service, call the drain and sewer team at Hansen’s Plumbing. We offer excellent sewer repair and cleaning services through use of hydro-jetting drains and other advanced equipment that will get the job done fast and effectively.

Time for A Sewer Line Cleaning

Have you noticed slow drains around the house? A single slow drain usually means a drainpipe that has a clog of hair, soap scum, or food waste. Often, you can fix these troubles using a sink plunger; other times a plumber will need to use a motorized drain snake to clear the clog. But if the slow drains are occurring throughout your home, it’s a warning that the sewer line itself has backed up because of obstructions. Call for sewer cleaning experts to take care of clearing out the line.

Drain Pipe Odors

A foul sewer smell from a drain can be as simple a problem as a dried out p-trap. You only need to pour water down the drain to restore the water barrier that prevents these odors from escaping up the sewer line and into your home. But if these smells persist, and you detect a gurgling sound from the drains, then it means the sewer line is backing up and needs cleaning. (The gurgling sound indicates sewer gas pushed up through the water in the p-trap.)
Water backing up into the tub or shower after the toilet flushes: There are several odd behaviors from your plumbing fixtures that will indicate the sewer line is becoming blocked. If water flushed down the toilet can’t make it through the sewer line, the water will re-emerge at the lowest point, such as a tub or shower. Call for sewer line work right away when this happens.

Our drain and sewer plumbers at Hansen’s Plumbing will use the best technology available to clean out your sewer lines without causing any damage, and we will do the job quickly so life can return to normal in your home.

We’ve served households and businesses in Southern California, so you can trust us with your sewer repair in Ventura County. Visit us online or call today.

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