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Are Hair Catchers Effective In Preventing Shower Drain Clogs

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Have you ever wondered if hair catchers effectively prevent these frustrating blockages? 

These devices typically consist of a small mesh screen or strainer that fits over your drain opening, allowing water to flow through while capturing any loose hairs that would otherwise accumulate and cause a clog. By installing a hair catcher, you can significantly reduce the amount of hair that goes down your drain, minimizing the risk of blockages and the need for costly plumbing repairs.

In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of hair catchers in preventing shower drain clogs and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

How Hair Catchers Work

Hair catchers work by trapping hair and preventing it from going down the drain, ultimately reducing the risk of shower drain clogs. These simple devices are designed to fit over your shower drain and capture loose hairs that would otherwise find their way into the pipes. 

Additionally, hair catchers are easy to install and maintain. Most models simply require you to place them over the drain opening, making them accessible for anyone to use. They can be easily removed, cleaned, and put back in place without much effort. Regularly cleaning out the trapped hair can ensure optimal performance and prevent any potential buildup that may lead to clogs.

Using a hair catcher is an effective way to prevent shower drain clogs caused by hair accumulation. The advantages include reducing the risk of costly repairs and easy installation and maintenance processes. Incorporating a hair catcher into your regular shower routine can help keep your drains clear and functioning properly for years, making it an essential investment for maintaining a clog-free shower drain and preventing costly plumbing repairs.

Pros and Cons of Hair Catchers

One interesting statistic reveals that hair catchers can reduce the frequency of plumbing issues. By preventing hair from entering the drain, hair catchers effectively minimize the risk of clogs and blockages in your shower drain. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with long or thick hair that accumulates quickly in drains. Moreover, using a hair catcher can save money on costly plumbing repairs and maintenance.

Prevents clogs and blockagesRequires regular cleaning
Easy to install May not fit all types of drains
InexpensiveCan be unsightly
Environmentally friendly alternative to chemical drain cleaners Hair may still bypass the catcher

Types of Hair Catchers Available

There are various options regarding the types of hair catchers you can choose for your shower. Finding the right one depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are five different types of hair catchers available on the market:

Mesh Strainer

This type of hair catcher features a fine mesh screen that traps hair while allowing water to flow through. It is an affordable option and works well for all hair types. However, it requires frequent cleaning as hair can easily get tangled in the mesh.

Drain Cover

A drain cover is a flat or dome-shaped device that sits over the drain opening. It prevents hair from going down the drain but allows water to pass through. Drain covers come in various materials, such as silicone or stainless steel, and are easy to install and clean.


The TubShroom is a popular choice among many homeowners. Its mushroom-like shape fits most standard drains, collecting hair around its cylindrical body. It is effective at preventing clogs and requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for those with long or thick hair.

Hair Catcher Basket

This type of hair catcher features a basket-like design that catches large debris and small hairs before they reach the drainpipe. It offers excellent protection against clogs but may require more frequent cleaning due to its larger surface area.

Disposable Hair Catcher

If you prefer convenience, disposable hair catchers might be your best bet. These are usually adhesive stickers that attach directly to your drain cover, catching loose hairs before they enter the pipe. They are easy to use but need regular replacement.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Shower Drain

Following these maintenance and cleaning tips, ensure your shower remains clean and clog-free. Proper maintenance of hair catchers is essential to ensure their effectiveness in preventing shower drain clogs. Here are some cleaning techniques you can employ:

  • Regularly remove the hair — Hair accumulation is the most common cause of shower drain clogs. To prevent this, make it a habit to remove the trapped hair from the catcher after each use. Simply pull it out or use tweezers if necessary. This simple step will go a long way in maintaining the functionality of your hair catcher.
  • Clean with soap and water — Over time, debris and soap scum may build up on the surface of the hair catcher, reducing its efficiency. To combat this, regularly clean the hair catcher with warm soapy water. Use a soft brush or toothbrush to scrub away any accumulated residue. Rinse thoroughly afterward to ensure all soap residue is removed.

Deep clean periodically —- Despite regular cleaning, there may still be some stubborn residue left behind that cannot be easily removed with just soap and water. Consider deep cleaning your hair catcher by soaking it overnight in vinegar. Mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a container large enough to submerge the hair catcher fully. Let it sit overnight before rinsing thoroughly with water.

There are some clogs that a home remedy may not be able to fix. Clogged drains that become too large for solvents can become lodged deeper in your drain than you can clear on your own. Hansen’s Plumbing has professional techniques and equipment that can get to the root of the problem in California.

Other Methods for Preventing Shower Drain Clogs

One great way to keep your shower flowing smoothly is by implementing additional methods that act as a shield, like a fortress wall, against potential blockages. In addition to using hair catchers, other effective techniques and products are available in the market to help prevent shower drain clogs.

Using shower drain cleaning products can be an excellent proactive approach to maintaining a clog-free shower drain. These products are designed to dissolve soap scum, hair, and other debris accumulating over time. 

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, stubborn clogs may still occur. In such cases, it’s advisable to seek professional plumbing services. Plumbers have specialized tools and equipment that can effectively remove even the most stubborn clogs without causing any damage to your pipes or drains. They can also inspect your entire plumbing system for any underlying issues contributing to frequent clogging problems


Hair catchers can effectively prevent shower drain clogs. By trapping the hair before it can make its way down the drain, these nifty devices act as a barrier against potential blockages. Regular maintenance and cleaning are crucial to ensure optimal performance. Hansen’s Plumbing provides professional plumbing services to free your drains from unwanted obstructions. Contact us today.

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