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Unclog Restaurant Drains

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Between preparing meals, managing your staff, and running your restaurant, the last thing you need is to unclog restaurant drains. Whether you regularly pump your kitchen grease traps on a monthly basis or a couple months apart, problems may occur. The pipes going into your grease traps may be filling up with grease without warning. After a period of time grease in sink pipes can cause untimely backup problems. With knowledge and help from Hansen’s Plumbing, an effective plan and preparation, grease line backups can be avoided and unclogged.

Signs Your Restaurant Grease Lines Need to be Cleaned

Grease buildup in pipes is a particular challenge for restaurants. Pipes that use a lot of grease during their cooking process and who also have busy traffic throughout the day. Depending on those factors in addition to the frequency of maintaining drains all comes into play. The likelihood of a backup due to grease is common. If you’ve noticed slow drainage in your floor drains, sink drains, and even dishwasher drain this can be a sign before a backup occurs. Back-ups are the number one sign that there has been a failure of some kind in your piping system. With the right maintenance and planning, back-ups like these can be prevented, thus avoiding having to unclog restaurant drains

How to Unclog Grease in Kitchen Drains

The process of unclogging or servicing a routine cleaning of grease removal from your kitchen’s pipes is through “jetting.” Jetting is similar to a pressure washer for your drains except with special heads that are specifically designed to unclog restaurant drains. For the best results to unclog restaurant drains or plan for a routine cleaning, call Hansen’s Plumbing to coordinate the cleaning of the kitchen drain lines with your existing pumping company. Once the grease trap is pumped and clean, the pipe specialist jets the kitchen grease lines and evacuates the waste back into the grease trap.  The pumping company then simply cleans the waste from the trap and your restaurant grease system is fully cleaned. Often these types of jobs can be done at night so that there are no disruptions to business operations during the day.

Unclog restaurant Drains

It’s easy to overlook grease to build up in your restaurant’s kitchen drains while running a fast paced restaurant. Unclog restaurant drains and regularly cleaning your kitchen grease lines can be obtainable with the right maintenance, planning, and scheduling. Avoid backup emergencies due to grease build-ups today by calling Hansen’s Plumbing in Ventura County.

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