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residential plumbing
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Water Heater Specialist

Water heater maintenance

People often take their home’s hot water for granted, until something goes wrong with it. As durable as water heaters are today, the appliances can still suffer from wear and tear. Malfunctions will eventually lead to needing water heater repair. You can help prevent a water heater repair with regular maintenance. You may still need to call for a water heater specialist to assist you with the work that will restore your water heater. Hansen’s Plumbing specializes in water heater repair. Whenever you find that you are running low on hot water or the water no longer seems as hot as it should be, call Hansen’s Plumbing. We provide 24 hr services for your convenience. Here are some of the common water heater repair jobs that we perform:

Broken Dip Tube Specialist

Faulty Burner SpecialistGas-powered water heaters can encounter problems in their burner, much like those in a gas furnace. Rust in the burner or dirt across its surface can lead to it having trouble igniting, and low gas flow or blockage in the line can also lead to a loss of heating power. As with any water heater repair issue connected to natural gas, you should never attempt this work on your own due to the health risk involved. Only trust the job to experienced Hansen’s Plumbing technicians.

Water Heating Specialist

Master hands hold wires of water heater[/caption]

Faulty water heaters can ruin your day. Whether you’re taking a shower, bath, or just washing your hand or dishes, having hot water is essential. Don’t let any reduction in your home’s hot water go without attention. Call Hansen’s Plumbing as soon as you notice a problem. We will send our water heater specialist to restore your hot water as soon as possible. When it comes to water heater repair or other plumbing services in Ventura County, trust Hansen’s Plumbing.

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