Leak Detection

15 Apr. 19

Leak Detection

Early plumbing leak detection needs to be a priority in California, for both home and business owners. Water pipes succumb to leaks for several reasons, primarily from corrosion.

Hansen’s Plumbing Leak Detection Specialist will preform a Non-Invasive leak detection assesment. Water dripping behind walls, under floors, and a lot of other places most people don’t notice, until significant damage is done. The longer they are allowed to continue, the damage is done.

Beside the high repair costs and water loss, there are also health risks associated with a water leak. Harmful mold and mildew, along with contaminants which can make the water harmful to consume.

Early Water Leak Detection

Keep an eye on your water bill. If it is higher than normal it can mean you have a leak. Test your water meter by turning all water and water using appliances off. Check the reading on the water meter. Check back in about 20 to 30 minutes. The meter should have the same reading and should not be showing a consumption.

Listen for any sounds of water running when everything is turned off. If you can hear it, you may have a leak.

Leak Detection

Warm areas on the floor is an indication of a slab leak. Check for any discoloration or stains on the walls or floors. Also, look for any unexplained mold or mildew. Or if you notice a musty odor inside your home.

Because plumbing pipes are mostly contained behind the scenes, finding them isn’t always easy. That’s why it is typically more economical to have the help of a Hansen’s Plumbing professional.

Save in the Long Run

Simple leaks can quickly turn into costly problems, often times we don’t notice the problem until it’s too late. It’s important to stay up to date and vigilant with your homes or business maintenance. Call Hansen’s Plumbing today for a free estimate in California.