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Commercial Plumbing Maintenance in Ventura, California

It is our mission to provide top-class services that guarantee our clients’ satisfaction. We take pride in the quality of our work that exceeds Google’s 4.95-star review rating.
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Our Commercial Plumbing Services and Solutions


The services we offer include inspecting and searching for molds, moisture indicators, water stains, and more. We also look for limescale buildup around the faucets and corrosion on any pipes during our inspections. If there are excessive levels of corrosion, it’s possible that your plumbing system needs to be replaced before a serious problem arises.

Our experienced and certified plumbers provide thorough and flawless plumbing services to protect your business or property against emergencies that could result in negative customer experiences. It is our goal to improve sanitation in commercial buildings and reduce high water bills.

Leave Your Commercial Plumbing Needs to Us


We have been helping commercial business owners in Ventura County, CA with all their plumbing needs for the past 30+ years, working even after business hours and ensuring their satisfaction. If you need repair, maintenance, or new plumbing installation, you can rely on our team to deliver excellent work at a fair price. Contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to offer you the best plumbing solutions.

Common Signs Your Commercial Establishment Needs Plumbing Services


A leak may seem like a simple problem until it isn’t and starts inconveniencing your customers. Don’t wait until these issues worsen and ruin your business. As soon as you notice any of these following plumbing troubles, call a professional plumbing company to take care of them immediately.

  • Leakages

Leaks from pipes, faucets, and bathrooms are common plumbing problems in commercial buildings.

  • Clogged drains and toilets

There is a greater volume of waste going through the drains in commercial properties that blocks and clogs drainages.

  • Water temperature problems

Commercial water heaters deteriorate quickly and are vulnerable to a number of problems that can interrupt daily operations.

  • Damaged pipes

Commercial building pipe systems are prone to cracks, splits and bursts because they handle various water pressures.

  • Sewage odors

Foul sewage odors are usually caused by environmental factors, molds, food debris, and more.

What Sets Us Apart


Our clients in Ventura and nearby communities—restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and more—depend on our top-notch commercial plumbing services. To ensure that every aspect of their plumbing systems run perfectly, our plumbing experts use the most up-to-date technologies, including video inspection cameras and hydro jetting. We ensure flawlessness and accuracy in our work to protect businesses against plumbing emergencies such as water leaks, clogged drainage, or sewer line damages.

30+ Years Experience
We’ve been in business since 1987, which means we have the knowledge and experience handling various plumbing problems.

Certified Professional Team
Our team consists of professionally licensed plumbing experts who honed their skills over the years to be the best at what they do.

We will do what it takes to ensure our customers are satisfied with the services we provide, no matter the scope of the project.


Need Commercial Plumbing Services in Ventura You Can Trust? Call Us Today!


At Hansen’s Plumbing, it is our goal to provide commercial business owners with first-rate customer service. Whether it’s for drain troubles, water heater problems, leaky pipes, or other plumbing concerns, we are dedicated to delivering lasting solutions to their plumbing problems. If you have any issues with your plumbing that need addressing, contact us immediately so we can inspect your property and suggest an appropriate service that will fit your budget.

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