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Shower Drain

Having a clogged shower drain can be a headache and a huge inconvenience. Wether you have a slow or a completely clogged shower drain, Hansen’s Plumbing is here to help. Don’t let harsh chemicals be your last resort as you attempt to clear your clogged shower drain. In fact, the chemicals could even be making the clog worse if they sit atop the clog. They also pose health risks to you and those around you. Especially if you’ve already dumped chemical drain cleaner down the drain, adding other liquids could cause dangerous reactions.Here is a simple natural homemade remedy.


Reliable Ventura Plumber

Having a local plumbing company that you can rely on is important for any commercial or residential plumbing needs. No matter what type of plumbing services you need, be it basic toilet repair or a major pipe installation, you want to be sure that you’re in the hands of experienced and reliable professionals.